Who We Are

‘PIZZIANO’ is a brand of "Pizziano & Pasta King" originated by two brothers Kapil Kant Sharma & Akshay Kant Sharma in 2007 in Ambala Cantt at kiosk level.

Pizziano & Pasta King Private limited also owns the brand "Pizziano Pizza & Pasta Bar" which is happily running in Ambala City, since 2010. Moreover, Pizziano having 4 outlets (covering Ambala city, Ambala Cantt & Shahabad).

Pizziano & Pasta King Private Limited is a corporate house that owns two Brands: Pizziano which Serves Italian, Chinese, Tandoori, and Continental, while Pasta King serves diverse varieties of pasta with Bread.

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Consider “Pizziano and Pasta King" as your partner.

To expand business at a high pace, various sub-franchisees are required. “Pizziano & Pasta King" is one of the renowned restaurant series in India or maybe your search for a fast-growing franchisor ends here.

Just take a glance around you, in your city, in your nearby city or anywhere in India; Italian Food and Chinese Food contribute to almost 80% of the concepts and turnover in the Indian Food Industry.

Italian and Chinese Restaurants are doing successful business in every city in India and we give you a chance to become a part of this growing business.

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Why "Pizziano & Pasta King" stands apart?

  • We serve diverse kinds of foods such as Italian, Chinese, Tandoori, and Continental food under one roof.
  • The Design and Interiors of the Restaurant are very alluring.
  • There are a few specific brands that provide multi-continental foods, we are one of them. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that Pizziano is a name serving four high-grade concepts.
  • "Pizziano" is a Pure Vegetarian Restaurant which makes our brand unusual and universally satisfactory.
  • We possess the skilled chefs who are professional in multinational foods. Our menu includes the best of all worlds i.e. Italian, Chinese Tandoori & Continental.
  • Our chefs prepare multi-cuisine food by combining the local flavor and make it more delightful and refreshing.
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